The picturesque landscapes of Winterton in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, are home to a thriving agricultural hub where innovation meets tradition. Amidst the vibrant fields of mealies, potatoes, winter wheat, and veggies, one name stands out as a beacon of agricultural excellence – Drakensberg Agricultural Services (DAS). We embarked on a journey to deliver their story, accompanied by the impressive machinery of Massey Ferguson.

A Journey with DAS and Massey Ferguson

Nestled in the heart of KwaZulu Natal, Drakensberg Agricultural Services has been a critical player in the region’s farming landscape since its inception in 2008. With a legacy spanning 15 years, DAS has earned its reputation as a trusted partner to farmers of all scales. From smallholders to large enterprises, DAS serves them all, offering comprehensive support for their operations – from tractors and balers to combines and planters.

The rich diversity of crops in the area, ranging from -mealies and soya beans to winter wheat and vegetables, demands versatile and robust machinery. This is where Massey Ferguson steps in, playing an integral role in the region’s agricultural success. The high-performance Massey Ferguson tractors from the 8700 series are particularly noteworthy, boasting a Power Range of 200 – 272 kW (268HP – 365HP). These machines have proven their mettle in addressing the area’s high horsepower requirements for planting and ripping.

The MF 7700 series, 147 – 188 kW (197HP – 252HP), is another star player in the lineup, excelling in ripping and planting operations. Notably, DAS proudly introduced the brand-new Massey Ferguson 7S tractor to the region, making it the first dealership to do so. With power ranging from 115 – 154 kW (154HP – 207HP), this tractor has captured a significant market segment, especially for no-till planting – a testament to Massey Ferguson’s commitment to innovation and addressing farmers’ needs.

Supporting Agriculture Every Step of the Way

One of the key elements that sets DAS apart is its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service to its customers. The dealership boasts a team of three highly qualified technicians who venture into the fields to service the equipment. The DAS workshop is a testament to their dedication, equipped with specialized tools, parts, and skilled personnel to address any need that may arise.

Crucially, DAS maintains a comprehensive stock of AGCO parts, ensuring that their customers are always well-supported. DAS has covered everything from hydraulic parts to wire harnesses, belts, service kits, oils, and general spares. For items not in their inventory, AGCO’s expansive warehouse in Johannesburg comes to the rescue. This seamless cooperation between DAS and AGCO ensures that even unique requests, such as  replacing a tractor windscreen, can be fulfilled with impressive efficiency.

The Massey Ferguson Advantage

Director Sven Rohrs of DAS emphasized several key factors when asked about the reasons behind the enduring success of Massey Ferguson tractors. The robust support from AGCO, cutting-edge technology, remarkable fuel efficiency, and the straightforward, dependable nature of the tractors collectively position Massey Ferguson as a global leader. These traits have solidified DAS’s faith in the brand over the past 15 years, driving the agricultural community’s regional achievements.

Get in Touch
Sven and Leon Rohrs - Directors of DAS.

Sven and Leon Rohrs – Directors of DAS.

For those who wish to explore the world of Massey Ferguson and experience the excellence of Drakensberg Agricultural Services firsthand, reaching out to Director Sven Rohrs is just a phone call away. Contact him at 076 460 6550 or visit the DAS website at . Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or an aspiring agriculturist, the expertise and dedication of DAS coupled with the prowess of Massey Ferguson machinery are sure to inspire and elevate your agricultural journey